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As a hairstylist, I get to talk to many different people during the day. I always ask each person if they are ready for Christmas. The response that I get from each person is different. Most people say they have so much to do before the day arrives. Others say they have everything wrapped up and ready to go. And then there is the “humbug”. -The “I could care less about Christmas” type of people.

This time of the year is supposed to be cheerful and full of joy and giving, not stressful. But most people don’t see Christmas the way it should be viewed. We often stress because of spending money that’s not in the bank account. Others don’t have any family around, and they don’t like it because they feel the pain of being alone. Television makes it out to be all about the gifts, and to buy the most expensive one to makes it the best. What is Christmas supposed to be like?


Christmas is the day we get to celebrate Jesus’ birth. It’s not about the gifts that we receive but the most precious gift we will ever receive, Jesus Christ. Who cares if you can’t afford the most expensive gift out there, because that’s not what Christmas is about. Celebrating the birthday of Jesus is about giving to others. Not really with gifts but with Love. Inviting someone over who doesn’t have a family, giving someone your own coat off of your back because they can’t afford one. Volunteering at a soup kitchen. It’s about sharing the gift that you received from Jesus, so others can receive that gift as well.


Why would someone want to receive this gift? When Jesus was born, it’s was one step closer for us to be closer to our eternal home, which is in heaven with God. God sent his Son to earth to take away all of our punishment for sins. Because of that, we don’t have to fear the grave. When you receive Christ into your life you can for sure know that you will get to live eternal life with him in heaven.


John 3:16- “For God so loved the world that he gave His one and only Son, that whosoever, believes in Him shall not perish but have ever lasting life.”


I keep thinking about the wise men, and how they dropped everything to go follow that star to find Jesus. They traveled far to give gifts to Him, they believed that this baby was going to save them from their sins. On top of that they didn’t have to see him to believe in Him. They believed in the hope and the love that He was going to offer the whole world, and when they left from seeing baby Jesus they were changed.


I’ve challenged myself this year that after Christmas I wouldn’t stop giving and sharing with others what the perfect gift is. I want to continually drop everything for Christ everyday and follow him wherever he wants me to go. I want to be a giver all year. The best thing I can do is give to others and to continually show them the Love that I have received from Christ. This Christmas I am not thinking about the gifts, but really about sharing the best gift anyone could receive. and that gift is Jesus.


What will you challenge yourself with as the new year comes around the corner? Will you be accepting Christ into your life? Maybe it’s reading your bible more. Whatever it may be I pray the Holy Spirit will touch you in many ways.

May God bless you and your families during this birthday of Jesus.


Dear Heavenly Father,
God, thank you, for sending your Son to earth to take all of our sins and punishment away. So we may have hope for our future, and that we don’t have to fear the grave anymore. I pray for those who are alone on Christmas, that they may feel your comfort during this time. I pray that the message of Jesus will be spread out more than it has even been before. Thank you for the blessing you have given to us already. I pray for the person who is reading this blog, that you may be with them in whatever they maybe going through. I pray they will choose to accept you if they haven’t already Lord. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to JESUS!
All your Children say AMEN


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